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MEIKO Bedpan washer-disinfectors

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What is this video about?

It contains the main arguments for a bedpan washer-disinfector compared to cleaning by hand.  It is an educational format, focused on the basic information to inform customers why to use a machine to clean and disinfect bedpans.

Bedpan washer-disinfectors

Packed with tremendously powerful technology, these MEIKO washer-disinfectors aim to eliminate the risk of infections stemming from hospital dirty utility rooms.
  • Patented, cutting-edge technology provides the guaranteed hygiene standards that patients expect
  • No steam can escape from the machine, so care staff have the reassurance of a safe working environment
  • Fast cleaning and disinfection process thanks to short wash cycles (built-in steam generator/water tank)
  • Maximum flexibility due to freely selectable A0 value (60, 600, 3,000) and multifunctional holder concept
  • Efficient reprocessing thanks to multi-purpose racks and holders for different care utensils
  • Safer and more hygienic thanks to air drying and cooling with filtered air and disinfection of all the water-carrying lines in the system to prevent recontamination
  • Responsible management of the disinfection process is easy thanks to the temperature sensors and data analysis by the control software
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