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Health and Safety Audit @ 24 NRG Group HQ

24NRG Healthcare Ltd Health and Safety Audit 24 April 2024

24 NRG Healthcare Ltd are pleased to announce that the annual Health and Safety Audit was achieved by meeting the following and adhered to all relevant health and safety regulations and industry standards and maintained up-to-date records of all health and safety inspections and certifications.


Employee Training

We provide comprehensive health and safety training programs for all employees. Conduct regular safety drills, including fire and emergency.


Risk Assessments

Performed thorough risk assessments for all work tasks and required Personal Protective Equipment PPE provided..


Incident Reporting and Management

Established a roust incident reporting system to ensure prompt reporting and investigation of accidents and near misses.

Implemented corrective actions based on incident investigations to prevent recurrence.

Safety Inspections

Conduct regular safety inspections of all facilities and equipment.

Addressed any identified hazards or non-compliance issues promptly.


Occupational Health Services

Provided access to occupational health services for employees, including welfare checks.

Promoted mental health awareness and provided resources for employee well-being.


Safety Culture

Fostered a strong safety culture through leadership and employee engagement.

Encouraged employee participation in health and safety committees and feedback mechanisms.


Emergency Preparedness

Developed and maintained emergency response plans tailored to potential workplace emergencies.

Ensured availability of first aid kits and trained first aid personnel.


Contractor Management

Ensured all contractors and subcontractors adhered to the company’s health and safety policies.

Conducted safety inductions and regular audits of contractor compliance.


Continuous Improvement

Regularly reviewed and updated health and safety policies and procedures.

Engaged in continuous improvement initiatives based on audit findings and industry best practices.


Audit Results

The audit concluded had a positive outcome reflecting 24NRGHealthcare Ltd’s commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. The company received high marks in all assessed categories, demonstrating compliance and proactive management of health and safety .